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Uni & Study: Study Time

A certain student gets up in the morning (on weekdays at least). Gets ready for classes. Goes to school/campus. Goes to classes. Clubs or hanging out with friends may follow. Might have a job too. Goes home and studies a bit. Sleeps. A test or important task comes up. On D-Day, the student proclaims to the heavens,

"I DIDN'T HAVE THE TIME TO GET READY FOR THIS! *Insert appropriate exclamations*"
Wait. Rewind a little. How much time is really needed to cover the above activities and be prepared for an examination or assignment?
Many students, especially those in university, will be worried about balancing their grades with other activities, such as clubs, jobs, or social life. They believe that the boosting of one requires the sacrifice of the others, and usually come to accept a certain grade level and time spent on 'other' activities. And they're not wrong in the 'balance' logic actually: one cannot exactly spend all their time NOT studying and expect t…

First post!

Hi any readers! New blogger on scene here!
Anyways, let me give some info on myself and what I intend to be posting.
Firstly, I'm a second-year undergraduate student at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara (though admittedly I'm on summer break at the moment). If it isn't obvious, that means I live in Ankara, Turkey. My hobbies include a standard student set of watching anime, playing computer games (I have zero tolerance for games on my phone though- timeburners), reading and writing, and witnessing the beauty in life.
Now, what sort of topics will I be posting? The best answer would be "Whatever comes to mind as I daydream in class", but a more specific response might be my thoughts on human behaviour, politics, religion, life's quirks, and deep experiences. Oh, plus a bit on anime and games. Whatever I do I can write about right?
Well, that's all for now I guess. Hopefully I'll be posting on a regular basis, the schedule for which I'll wo…