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Wisdom of Winter

"It's cold". "I have a cold". These are just two reasons why many people prefer not the months around the winter break, ie, winter. And such people have a point; in addition to the chillingly low temperature and high prevalence of illnesses, the shorter days and lack of sun in general is a real mood damper. It is normal for humans to pine for the brightness of summer, its ease, its excitement.

But is winter really the season to be hated and cursed? Nah, not really. There are several pluses that come about from the chill and clouds of the cold season (temperature is not amongst them though).

Have you thought how winter represents the tough times in a person's life? Summer is ease, whims, and dreamy. Winter is tough, trying, and in-your-face. And it should be: we need winter to cool our emotions and remind us that the tough times in our lives develop and toughen us for, what we hope, a colourful spring of newfound success and happiness. Remembe…