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Ghurba, unsung heroes, and Islam

The nameless soldier who sacrifices himself for his country. The emergency workers who toil to keep people alive. There are so many examples of people whose struggles helped so much, yet were barely recognized nor compensated. Such is the nature of unsung heroes.

Ghurba, a word representing separation, or being homeless in one's own land. Those who strive for true righteousness and justice even when everyone else is drowning in corruption are those who experience this.

Mocked, pressured, and tortured throughout their entire lives for struggling to make things right, yet their names disappearing into the sands of time whether they succeed in their noble goals or not. Can they not be called the unsung heroes of Islam?


It is true that the world, no matter how much it improves by their effort, may never recognize such people. But Allah knows. He recognizes every atom of struggle and suffering such noble souls went through. And they will have their due reward- being …

Character & results

The Quran often mentions that Prophets were rejected by their people- Nuh, Ibrahim, Lut, etc. And yet, it also mentions they were men of the highest character. What lessons can we derive from this?

Firstly, let us look at the best of mankind- Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He had outstanding conduct and personality, won the hearts of even enemies, and through Allah's Mercy established an unmatched legacy. It is quite clear his noble character played a large role in his success. So what about the other Prophets?

There is no doubt they were much better than most of us- Prophets are the top of mankind. Yet the Qur'an implies that not a large proportion managed to guide their disbelieving people; in fact, a lot were mocked, ignored, tortured, even murdered. So does this mean their character was insufficient?

Definitely not. All of them were still S-class men. And there were Prophets like Sulaiman and Yunus who did manage to guide their communities, whilst even the Friend of A…

Escapism and our world

It happens so often that we turn to entertainment when we have time. Oftentimes, this entertainment adds nothing of value, like a cheap romance movie or novel, and is just to get away from pressures of life.
Is this really justified? Well, such escapism is defended in that people just can't handle all the stress thrown at them without letting it out. Thus, the argument goes, we need to forget we live in this world and indulge ourselves in fantasies.
But is it really right to leave the world alone like this? The world we live in is one where a friend of a friend was killed in the war in Syria.
Where hundreds of starving Rohingyan brothers and sisters are blocked from entering the Muslim nations of Indonesia and Malaysia.
Where most people go through life not knowing why they live.
I dont really have much right to say this since i read and watch anime and manga myself, But should we not focus on trying to solve such problems? Obtain true knowledge to prevent others from joining ISIS. Earn …

Revival of the Thought Dominion!

Ahahaha.... seems I've neglected this blog after making a pitiful two posts. And one was a mere intro.

Anyways, in line with my new attitude of looking forward and stepping over mistakes, I'll be using this same site to post stuff. By the way, for those who don't know me, I'm a third-year university student studying in the Turkish capital, Ankara. Grades are good enough. Hobbies include anime/manga, reading stuff (a lot of stuff), and from time to time, writing. Football may be included, although my ultimate skill is giving fouls (which is pretty bad in tournaments). 
The start of a new academic year heralds the start of new opportunities. It's time to change something! Like starting to post regularly.
Hopefully this won't be my last post this year.
11 October 2015, surrounded by guys in a cafe watching a match on the TV above my head.

"If you're smart, teach. If you're stupid, learn"
-A certain masjid imam