About Me

I am the Key to Success. My name is Umar Miftah Fauzi after all. Though presently I'm just an entry-level staff member at a certain company.

But through success and failure, joy and heartbreak, I cease neither in observation nor pondering. And many times I have decided to give form to these endless thoughts, the best of which can be perused here.

Countless writings have brought great benefit to the world from the cream of their authors' thoughts. Through writing, perhaps I may encourage a wavering heart, open a clouded mind, or at the very least bring the serenity of a spring breeze through my flowery words. Hence the raison d'ĂȘtre of this simple blog.

Should I talk about myself? Okay, I love business and military history. Read manga and watch anime a lot. Deeply interested in personal productivity and time management. And though I sin (quite a bit), a Muslim cognizant of his Lord.