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A Ramadhan Statement to Non-believers

This article is a reminder for Muslims (myself included) and a challenge to atheism in particular.

Often, those who disbelieve in the Creator state that the orderliness of the universe, where every particle and entity has a purpose and moves according to clear laws, is NOT absolute proof of His Existence. Thus, they continue, they don't believe.

Firstly, think a bit- what exactly would be "absolute" proof for them? Do they think Islam would have conquered the globe? Or perhaps they imagine Allah's Names being written in the heavens? Or maybe they wish to "see" Allah with their eyes in this world? Frankly speaking, even if all these happened and more, they would still state, "Islam's dominance isn't proof- their government is just good", "These justseemto look like His Names, and it's still not proof anyways", and "We're only seeing illusions". By the way, the last event would seal their fates in Hell, and Allah t…