Wisdom of Winter

"It's cold". "I have a cold". These are just two reasons why many people prefer not the months around the winter break, ie, winter. And such people have a point; in addition to the chillingly low temperature and high prevalence of illnesses, the shorter days and lack of sun in general is a real mood damper. It is normal for humans to pine for the brightness of summer, its ease, its excitement.

But is winter really the season to be hated and cursed? Nah, not really. There are several pluses that come about from the chill and clouds of the cold season (temperature is not amongst them though).

Have you thought how winter represents the tough times in a person's life? Summer is ease, whims, and dreamy. Winter is tough, trying, and in-your-face. And it should be: we need winter to cool our emotions and remind us that the tough times in our lives develop and toughen us for, what we hope, a colourful spring of newfound success and happiness. Remember that while the sun shines in summer, we should make our will shine in winter.

In addition, it is in these cold, cloudy days we really think and reflect on ourselves. Especially when sick. Don't you contemplate and wonder more when you're lying in bed with a cold on a day where the sun is nowhere to be seen? By being forced to turn our gaze inwards, we discover more of the treasures of the human self: thoughts, dreams, and hopes. And perhaps with this self-reflection that sorts the heart and mind, we become better persons and more motivated in life (self reflection equals success).

When you're freezing, what is it that would appeal most to you? A hot glass of tea? A heater? A blanket? All of them would be nice in subzero temperatures, naturally. But I dare say that it is living warmth that we would want most. We want the touch of people. Just like we would appreciate those who stand by us during hard times, can we not say that a handshake or hug from a friend or loved one feels much better in winter?

But even if one cannot appreciate any of the above, the fact remains: winter is not an ugly creature. Rather, it has beauty on par or even more fascinating than its direct counterpart of summer. Have you seen a sunny day after heavy snow? An endless deep blue sky with a gentle sun hanging over a vast sea of glittering white. Is this not amongst the most wondrous seasonal sights?

So to sum things up, winter is good- it dims your emotions and allows you to develop more, as well as think and reflect. You also appreciate warmth in winter more, and you know what? Winter can be beautiful.