A Ramadhan Statement to Non-believers

This article is a reminder for Muslims (myself included) and a challenge to atheism in particular.

Often, those who disbelieve in the Creator state that the orderliness of the universe, where every particle and entity has a purpose and moves according to clear laws, is NOT absolute proof of His Existence. Thus, they continue, they don't believe.

Firstly, think a bit- what exactly would be "absolute" proof for them? Do they think Islam would have conquered the globe? Or perhaps they imagine Allah's Names being written in the heavens? Or maybe they wish to "see" Allah with their eyes in this world? Frankly speaking, even if all these happened and more, they would still state, "Islam's dominance isn't proof- their government is just good", "These just seem to look like His Names, and it's still not proof anyways", and "We're only seeing illusions". By the way, the last event would seal their fates in Hell, and Allah the Merciful has given them time until their deaths in case they wish to repent. In short, such atheists are extremely close-minded and would never budge with proofs that would make anyone with an inkling of faith prostrate, and thus should not be taken as a reference point for most people, especially Muslims.

Now, if in a murder investigation we find a knife stabbed into the victim, with clear fingerprints that match a suspect with a bad track record, many people would already be sure of the suspect's guiltiness. If the investigation further revealed the suspect was at the right place at the right time, with the victim's blood found on his clothes, and a clear motive to kill the victim, only an idiot - or a sophist - or the murderer himself- would state him innocent. Now consider- even if no one actually saw him kill the victim, the evidence is more than sufficient to convict him. So why not apply the same logic to the universe and Allah? Why can't one apply the neutral stance of a judge when considering existence and creation, rather than the crazed mindset of the murderer?

The atheists state that religious people are close-minded, while they themselves happily reject every sign and evidence thrown to them. This is my counter to those who have a very strong belief in the non-existence of a Creator. Note that my article only covers one proof of Allah, the orderliness of the universe. But really, this is only one of the proofs, a path to the truth open mostly to those who can see and be amazed by the earth and the heavens. The strongest proofs, however, are the Qur'an and the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The perfection and uniqueness of the two have had countless books and articles written about them, and thus I will conclude by stating: the universe and these two Lights should be more than enough to believe in Allah and accept Islam.

For a Muslim though, it is insufficient to accept Allah's Existence. A prerequisite, but insufficient. Fearing, obeying, and worshipping Allah are essential too. And do not be worried by the abundance of disbelievers- since the time of Prophet Nuh (AS), the world was always filled with more disbelievers than Muslims. Whether they followed other religions or reject the Existence of a Creator completely, the fact remains that they were people who did not use their reasoning much and were deluded by this worldly life, sacrificing the truth for their carnal desires. So do not fear you are wrong simply because they are many- use a clear heart and mind to evaluate what is right, and follow it despite what most other people would say.

I understand this article may be politically incorrect, to say the least. In a Muslim-majority country, this would be classified as "intolerance". Elsewhere, the "minority who doesn't know their place". But rather than attack me for being intolerant or not knowing my place, try attacking my arguments instead- it is poor debate ethos to attack the arguer. I only argued the belief of atheism is wrong, and I intend to respect and treat atheists like most people regardless of their beliefs.